JUNE 6th-12th, 2022

Portland's favorite bars and restaurants come together once more to enjoy cocktails and community, all while raising money for a good cause.

This year we are raising money in support of El Patojismo, founded by Juan Pablo Romero in Guatemala to provide a safe and inclusive space for local youth to learn and grow.

Notes from the founder:


Can't believe we're almost there!

We've recieved so much love and excitement from our community.

As I'm sure many of you know, I always seem to have multiple projects going on, but this is one of my favorites -> Come Monday, all we have to do is sit back and enjoy the amazing cocktials each of the fantastic local bartenders have created for us. So cool.

I also can't wait to see how much $$ we raise for El Patojismo ($4 dollars from every drink sold will go to help build their next school).

Remember that this is all about community, if for any reason you can't make the event, or simply don't drink - maybe consider donating to them directly (link on this page!).

Love ya all and hopefully see you on a patio this week!


P.S. 23 divided by 7 is 3.28. Wishing all the completionists luck, but plan safe travels and don't drink and drive <3